New RSPCA Assured label will replace Freedom Food from May

New RSPCA Assured label will replace Freedom Food from May

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The new RSPCA Assured certification mark will be available from Thursday 7 May 2015 but won’t become compulsory for another year, allowing members time to use up existing packaging.

The new label – which will replace the Freedom Food logo on products and menus – can be downloaded from midday on 7 May.   

It can also be posted or emailed to members on request.

The new mark is subject to the same regulations as the Freedom Food label. Therefore, for a product to be RSPCA Assured, it must have been covered by the scheme from birth to slaughter (where appropriate) including at the farm, haulier, processor, packer and abattoir.


Benefits of the RSPCA Assured logo include:

  • The RSPCA has 96% prompted awareness – compared to 24% for Freedom Food – and is by far the most recognised animal welfare charity in the UK

  • Greater awareness and recognition of RSPCA Assured will encourage more people to choose these products, which means a greater demand for farmers to be farming to RSPCA welfare standards

  • RSPCA Assured is the mark people tell us they want, recognise, understand and trust

  • Animal welfare is the second biggest factor influencing consumer choice when buying food (Mintel, Consumer Trust in Food, June 2013)

  • RSPCA Assured allows members to take advantage of the growing market for ethical food

Jeremy Cooper, chief executive of the RSPCA Assured scheme, comments:

“The launch of RSPCA Assured is a major step forward in our mission to improve the welfare of farmed animals. And not only that, it also has more value for our members."

“Greater recognition of the new label means more people will choose RSPCA Assured products. The more people that choose them, the more supermarkets will stock them and more farm animals will have a better life farmed to RSPCA standards.”

Use of the logo is subject to licence fee, scheme membership and full traceability.

If you are a journalist and would like more information, please contact:

Rebecca Lenik, media relations manager

01403 821752

Carole Stewart

07770 881578

RSPCA press office

0300 123 0244

Duty press officer (evenings and weekends)

07825 158490

Date: 17 Apr 2015