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Barbecue Teriyaki Salmon by Nick Nairn

Find RSPCA Assured Salmon at your Favourite Supermarket

RSPCA Assured Salmon Welfare

You can find out more about the higher welfare standards of salmon on RSPCA Assured farms.


This is a wonderfully easy barbecue recipe with an oriental twist.

  • 4 x 175g RSPCA Assured labelled salmon fillets
  • 1 tbsp runny honey
  • 50ml soy sauce
  • 30ml dry sherry or mirin
  • 10 wooden skewers soaked in water
  • Cut the salmon into 5cm x 2.5cm pieces and place onto skewers.
  • Place honey, soy and sherry (or mirin) into a pan and gently warm, stirring until thoroughly mixed. Leave this dressing to cool.
  • When cool, place salmon skewers into the dressing and leave for 1-2 hours, turning occasionally to ensure they are coated. Place on a heated barbecue and cook for 1-2 minutes turning frequently until cooked. 

Recipe:  The Freedom Food Celebrity Recipe Collection

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