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RSPCA Assured at Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s sells more RSPCA Assured labelled products than any other supermarket! In fact, Sainsbury’s sells more than 50 per cent of all the RSPCA Assured products sold in the UK.

RSPCA Assured Free-Range Chicken at Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s chicken carrying the RSPCA Assured logo gives you the assurance that the chicken you’re buying was raised to higher welfare standards.

Sainsbury's Free Range British Chicken Thigh & Drumsticks, Taste the Difference Sainsbury's Free Range British Chicken Breast Fillets, Taste the Difference x2 Sainsbury's Corn Fed Whole British Chicken Sainsbury's Free Range British Chicken Breast Fillets, Taste the Difference Sainsbury's Corn Fed British Chicken Skin on Breast fillets Sainsbury's Free Range British Whole Chicken, Taste the Difference
Free Range Thigh & Drumsticks Free Range Breast Fillets x2 Corn Fed Whole Chicken Free Range Breast Fillets Corn Fed Skin on Breast Free Range Whole Chicken

The RSPCA Assured label gives consumers confidence that the food they're buying has come from an animal that has been cared for to strict RSPCA welfare standards, for the whole of its life. Animal welfare is important, principally for the animal, but better management and care for livestock can improve productivity and food quality, benefitting the farmer the customer and limiting costly interventions.

We have committed that all our meat, poultry, eggs, game and dairy products will be sourced from suppliers who adhere to independently verified higher animal health and welfare outcomes. The growth in, and the accessibility of, technology in our sector is a game-changer for animal health and welfare outcomes meaning we really can measure these things on the ground in real-time for the first time.

- Judith Batchelar, director of Sainsbury's Brand

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If there are other RSPCA Assured products you’d like to buy but can’t find on the shelves at Sainsbury's, let them know.

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