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Many farmed animals in the UK are still reared in bare, overcrowded conditions;
that's why our team of assessors inspect almost 4,000 hatcheries, farms, hauliers and abattoirs
to ensure the RSPCA’s higher welfare standards are being met.
RSPCA Assured is the only assurance provider dedicated solely to animal welfare.
Look for our logo on products and menus across the UK.

Our Assurances...

No Cages… Ever

Whenever you buy something carrying the RSPCA Assured mark, you can be sure that animals were reared to the RSPCA’s higher welfare standards.

Enriched Living Conditions

The RSPCA’s welfare standards insist that farmed animals are provided with a physically and mentally stimulating environment.

Humane Slaughter

Unlike some other schemes, RSPCA Assured inspects the welfare of animals from birth right through to slaughter, including transport.

More Living Space

In many cases, the RSPCA welfare standards specify space allowances above legal requirements and other assurance providers.

Responsible Antibiotic Usage

We require that animals be given antibiotics when they actually need them, such as if an animal is sick or injured.

Traceability for Peace of Mind

In addition to the RSPCA standards for farmed animals, RSPCA Assured also has its own set of standards for food manufacturers.

Make it RSPCA Assured...

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