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About RSPCA Assured

What is RSPCA Assured?
RSPCA Assured is the RSPCA's farm animal welfare assurance scheme. All farms on the RSPCA Assured scheme must comply with the RSPCA’s stringent higher welfare standards. These standards cover every aspect of the animals' lives from birth through to slaughter. You can find a link with more information about the standards below.

What does RSPCA Assured mean?
When you see an RSPCA Assured label on a meat, fish or dairy product, it means that the hatchery, farm, haulier and abattoir were all assessed and confirmed to have met the RSPCA’s higher farm animal welfare standards.

The RSPCA Assured logo
The RSPCA Assured label is the RSPCA’s ethical farm animal welfare assurance label. The label tells you that a product has come from suppliers that have been assessed by the RSPCA’s independent assurance provider to check they meet the RSPCA’s strict standards of welfare for farmed animals.

What does RSPCA Assured do?
Farms on the RSPCA Assured scheme are assessed and monitored regularly to ensure all the animals are raised to the RSPCA’s strict higher welfare standards. Our team of experienced assessors makes sure that all farms that supply products bearing our label adhere to our standards.

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