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Welly Vision is our online series that gives you a feet-on-the-ground look at life on higher welfare farms and explores the challenges of farming animals for food.

Follow Kate Quilton, food journalist, campaigner, and Food Unwrapped presenter, as she visits RSPCA Assured certified farms asking important questions.

Pig Farming In The UK

In our first video, Kate travels to Norfolk to meet Farmer Tim and discuss the challenges of pig farming in the UK. Tim explains the systems that he uses on his farm before Kate meets with RSPCA Assured head of farming, Joe Bailey, to find out more about the scheme and what it really means for pig welfare.



The Behaviour Of Pigs

Kate delves into the importance of pigs being able to express their natural behaviours on-farm and finds out what farmers can do to encourage and support this.




Pork Product Labels Explained

It’s easy to be bamboozled by the array of labels that you see on pork products. In this video, Kate and Joe explain the difference between the different logos and phrases you might see on-pack.


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