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The Jolly Hog: Sausages & Bacon

Unable to agree on what makes the perfect sausage, three brothers, Olly, Josh and Max decided to try making their own. And that’s just what they did. Now available in supermarkets across the country, The Jolly Hog only uses RSPCA Assured pork in all of their sausage and bacon products.


Where Did The Inspiration For Jolly Hog Come From?

When Olly was injured from playing professional rugby, he and Josh (the youngest brother) started making sausages at home in his kitchen. Ella, Olly’s wife, had bought him a sausage-making machine for his birthday, and they started making loads of sausages, in all flavours. Even early on, these sausages used high animal welfare pork from the local butchers.

After an endorsement from Michel Roux Jr, Olly, Josh and Max - The three Jolly Hog brothers Josh and Olly, or ‘Jolly’ as they became known, believed there was scope to begin a business that focussed on great flavour and great quality.

Pigs on RSPCA Assured Farms

For any pork product to be labelled RSPCA Assured, there are strict welfare standards laid down by the RSPCA which must be met. Pigs on RSPCA Assured farms enjoy a better diet and environment which must contain things to stimulate them. Pigs are intelligent animals and allowing them to become bored and not express their natural behaviour can lead to them becoming stressed and aggressive.

Why Is Higher Welfare So Important To The Jolly Hog?

We think that it is important for a brand to drive higher standards in animal welfare. As a small, family-run business, we have the option to insist on better animal treatment and not support the treatment of animals that doesn’t meet RSPCA Assured standards. We are happier knowing that the animals we use are well cared for, maintaining a standard that all of our pigs are outdoor bred.

Treating Sows With Respect

On RSPCA Assured farms, the use of farrowing crates is strictly prohibited. Farrowing crates prevent pregnant sows from being able to turn around and often inhibit them from building nests. Around 58 per cent of sows in the UK give birth in farrowing crates. This is a major concern for the RSPCA and something which will never be permitted on RSPCA Assured farms.

Why Did The Three Brothers Commit To Using RSPCA Assured Products?

The RSPCA Assured label offers assurance for us as a brand that we can trust where our meat comes from. It assures the skill and ability of the farmers, as well as the quality and respect for the animals that we expect. It has always been important for us to understand, and have full transparency of where our food comes from.

Your Choices Make a Difference

By choosing RSPCA Assured products when you’re out shopping or when you're going out to dinner, you help farm animals to have a better life. And by selecting Jolly Hog sausages and bacon, you can be sure not just of getting great-tasting products, but also ensuring that the pigs receive higher welfare standards.

What Are Your Favourite Jolly Hog Products?

This is where the three brothers differ in opinion (well, almost), while Max would say the Porky Black sausage with black pudding and apple, Olly would go for the Black Treacle cured bacon. Josh, on the other hand, would have both of them, together, twice!

Are Any New Jolly Hog Products Due For Launch Soon?

Yes! The Jolly Dog is launching in Sainsbury’s on 21 May 2019. They are our take on a British hot dog: a lovely coarse texture with a smokey flavour, and longer than a normal sausage. Be sure to get Jolly Dogs sizzling on your BBQ this summer.

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