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RSPCA Assured at Frankie & Benny's

In 2018, Frankie & Benny’s cooked over five and a half million eggs in their breakfasts.

The RSPCA Assured logo has appeared on Frankie & Benny’s breakfast menu since 2017.

The use of our logo shows that the restaurant only uses eggs from hens that are kept in conditions that meet the RSPCA welfare standards. These standards cover all aspects of the hens’ lives, including health, diet, environment and care.

Hens are either kept in barns with plenty of space, perches and nest boxes or in free-range systems where they also have access to an outside range.

At the end of 2017, The Restaurant Group, which owns Frankie & Benny’s, as well as other big food brands like Chiquito and Coast to Coast, delivered on their promise to use only RSPCA Assured eggs.

Throughout 2018, The Restaurant Group used a total of 17,934,300 RSPCA Assured eggs. They are now committed to ensuring that eggs used as ingredients in the supply chain will be cage-free and/or free-range by the end of 2023 at the latest.

All shell eggs used in Frankie & Benny’s dishes come from Northern Ireland. In 2017, Frankie & Benny’s farms built two additional hen houses which house approximately 16,000 hens. These areas give the hens a better standard of living and a large outside space to roam around.

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