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RSPCA Assured at Aldi

RSPCA Assured Free-Range Chicken at Aldi

With the freedom to roam around in grassy paddocks, forage, dust bathe and express their natural behaviour, Aldi’s free-range chickens are a slower-growing breed.

Specially Selected Free Range Corn Fed Chicken Breast Fillets 350g Specially Selected Free Range Corn Fed Chicken Thigh Fillets 375g Specially Selected British Free Range Corn Fed Whole Chicken Fresh Class A Without Giblets Typically 1.9kg      
Free-Range Corn-Fed Chicken Breast Fillets Free-Range Corn-Fed Chicken Thigh Fillets Free-Range Corn-Fed Whole Chickens      

Animal welfare is hugely important to our customers and to us as a business. We’re proud to be RSPCA Assured on a range of our products, to offer responsibly sourced, quality items at unbeatable prices.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If there are other RSPCA Assured products you’d like to buy but can’t find on the shelves at Aldi, let them know.

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