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Charity Funding & Investments

RSPCA Assured is a charity and therefore run not for profit.

Our sole purpose is to improve the welfare of farmed animals. As a charity, we spend every penny on trying to achieve that purpose.

How is RSPCA Assured Funded?

RSPCA Assured charges hatcheries, farms, hauliers and abattoirs an annual membership fee. This covers the cost of carrying out an assessment and – if they have met the RSPCA standards – certifying them.

We also charge food manufacturers a licence fee to use the RSPCA Assured label.

So, every time you buy something carrying the RSPCA Assured label, you are indirectly helping fund improvements in farm animal welfare.

RSPCA Assured receives no government or public funding.

How Does RSPCA Assured Invest Those Funds?

To achieve its purpose of improving the lives of farmed animals, RSPCA Assured invests its funds in a number of ways.

Carrying out assessments to check farms, abattoirs and others have met and are maintaining the RSPCA’s standards.

Supporting research and development to help the development of the RSPCA standards or wider industry improvements in farm animal welfare

Raising awareness of animal welfare issues through our different communications channels; like this website, our social media or partnerships with other individuals and organisations.

The organisation and its people as we believe recruiting compassionate individuals and giving them the tools and training they need is one of the best ways to achieve our purpose.

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