Thank you from RSPCA Assured

Thank you from RSPCA Assured

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Thank you

The world has never experienced anything like this. The pandemic we are currently living through requires unprecedented measures. Many businesses have had to close their doors during this crisis, but for many industries, that is simply not an option.

We at RSPCA Assured would like to express our gratitude to the hard-working and selfless medical professionals, carers, teachers, postal workers and those working in the emergency services, utilities, public transport, waste disposal and retail sectors.


We’d also like to thank the farmers who continue to work tirelessly to feed the country, and in particular, our RSPCA Assured members who go the extra mile for farm animal welfare. Adhering to strict RSPCA welfare standards, they give their animals the best lives possible, regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. 

We know that some food items have been hard to come by recently and want to reassure everyone that we are working closely with all our members, and with the retailers, to keep high-welfare options on the shelves.

We’re also taking this opportunity to put a number of new measures in place such as remote audits that allow our assessors to virtually check farms are meeting the standards, without putting anyone’s health at risk. 

The work that Britain’s farmers do for this nation has never been more vital, and we thank them, sincerely.

Clive Brazier, Chief Executive, RSPCA Assured
April 2020


Clive and sheep

Date: 31 Mar 2020