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Reasons to Believe in RSPCA Assured this Christmas

RSPCA Assured is the only food label in the UK solely dedicated to farmed animal welfare. You can find RSPCA Assured products, like meat, fish, egg and dairy in almost every major supermarket and in many convenience stores across the country.

As the RSPCA's farmed animal assurance scheme, we are the only label in the UK devoted solely to animal welfare.

The RSPCA's welfare standards cover every aspect of the animals' lives from living conditions and veterinary care to environmental enrichment and transportation.

When you see the RSPCA Assured logo, you can be sure the animals, the farms, hauliers and the abattoirs have all been assessed to higher welfare standards.

On RSPCA Assured Farms...

Free range egg laying hens

Animals are never caged

RSPCA Assured piglet walking outside

Have more space to move around

RSPCA Assured Dairy Cow

Are free to express their natural behaviours

RSPCA Assured turkeys

Enjoy more environmental enrichment

So look for the logo when you shop, and together we can make a difference to farmed animal welfare

Find out more about what RSPCA Assured means and the difference we make to farmed animal welfare, not just at Christmas but all year round. 


From the milk you leave out for Santa, to the smoked salmon brunch followed by roast turkey with pigs in blankets and all the trimmings, supporting higher welfare has never been easier.
RSPCA Assured Milk

Leaving Cookies and Milk for Santa on Christmas Eve

Your reason to believe starts on the 24th of December. If you’re leaving cookies and milk out for Santa, make sure it’s RSPCA Assured labelled milk, available from Marks & Spencer.

RSPCA Assured Christmas Breakfast

Smoked Salmon Starters or your Christmas Day Brunch

What better way to start your Christmas Day than with delicious smoked salmon and scrambled eggs?

RSPCA Assured Turkey

Turkey and All the Trimmings for Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner is the star of the festive season. By choosing RSPCA Assured, you know that from the farmyard to table, your turkey has been raised to higher welfare standards.

RSPCA Assured Gammon

Christmas Gammon, a Seasonal Delight

Crispy roast potatoes with parsnips and stuffing, and a joint of RSPCA Assured gammon add the finishing touches to your higher welfare Christmas Dinner.

RSPCA Assured Sandwich

Leftover Sandwiches on Boxing Day

Another great British tradition is leftovers on Boxing Day (and beyond). RSPCA Assured turkey sandwiches or gammon slices will keep the festive spirit going while continuing to support higher welfare.

RSPCA Assured Pigs in Blankets

Your Christmas Dinner Menu, a Whole Day of Higher Welfare

From appetizers to mains, let every item on your Christmas Dinner Menu show your support for animal welfare.

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