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Father’s Day

Father’s Day is that one day of the year when we celebrate all things dad and just generally make a fuss of the old man. Whether you’re planning a special day out or just thinking of cooking him a meal, we’ve got some suggestions to make sure Father’s Day 2022 is a day to remember.

When is Father's Day in 2024?

This year Father's Day will be on Sunday the 16 of June.

Is Father's Day Always on 16 June?

No, the exact date of Father’s Day in the UK and many other countries changes every year because Father’s Day is held on the third Sunday of June.

Which Date Is International Father's Day?

There’s no such thing as International Father’s Day. Each country has its own Father’s Day and while many of these fall on the same day they are generally spread out over the summer months. For example, the Festa del papà is celebrated in Italy on 19 March.

Why Was Father's Day Created?

Father’s Day was created a few years after Mother’s Day to give everyone a chance to celebrate male parents (the dads were feeling a bit left out). The first-ever Father's Day was celebrated on 19 June 1910, in Washington state, although it wasn't named a national holiday until President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.

What Is The Best Dinner For Father's Day?

That’s a difficult question to answer since, while all dads love to eat, no two dads are exactly alike. Some dads go mad for burgers, while others prefer something a little more spicy, like chicken curry or even a vegetable chilli.

Whatever you’re planning on cooking for Dad this year, be sure to look for the RSPCA Assured logo when you buy meat, fish, eggs and milk to ensure that you’re supporting higher welfare. 

What Can I Do Special For Father's Day?

If you want to make Father’s Day special this year, we’ve got a few ideas to put a smile on the face of the dad in your life.

  • Treat him to ice cream - dads love ice cream too, so why not take him and treat him? And by getting him some cold creamy deliciousness from Caroline’s Dairy, you’ll also be supporting higher welfare.

  • Take him on a picnic - If you are planning an outdoor event for Dad this Father's Day, then grab your hamper and check out our picnic page for some great tips and advice.
  • Organise a barbecue - Few dads like anything more than burning RSCPA Assured sausages on the barbecue and telling everyone “That’s just the way they like them”. See where you can find RSPCA Assured products and check out our barbecue page to make sure yours goes smoothly.

  • Cook dinner with dad - If you’ve got a dad who loves cooking, why not spend a bit of time with him in the kitchen and help him prepare his favourite dish for dinner? Check out of Cooking with kids dads page for some tips on kitchen collaboration.
  • Bake him a cake - What dad does love a good cake? If you’re looking for something special to whip up for the old guy this year, you could always give our chocolate and Guinness cake a try.

  • Make him breakfast - Breakfast in bed isn’t just for Mother’s Day. Dads enjoy being spoilt too. So get your RSPCA-assured free-range eggs and knock up some pancakes or even Eggs Benedict.  
What Should Dads Eat The Rest Of The Year?

It’s not just on Father's Day that you need to take care of your Dad, remember they need to eat every day. If you’ve got a Dad who’s trying to cut down on his meat, fish, and dairy intake, you can download our free two-week meal planner.


Things To Keep Dad Busy This Father's Day
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