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World Chocolate Day 2023: Celebrate with RSPCA-Assured Recipes

Get ready, chocoholics! World Chocolate Day is on the 7th of July.

World Chocolate Day: A Celebration of Chocolate Delights

Though we believe any day is a good day for chocolate, World Chocolate Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating one of the globe's most beloved confections. It's an opportunity to savour the delight and joy that chocolate brings to our lives.

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with RSPCA Assured Chocolate Treats

Feasting on your favourite chocolate delights is the prime way to commemorate World Chocolate Day. From chocolate cakechocolate biscuitschocolate brownieschocolate muffins, and chocolate cupcakes, to even our unique chocolate chicken, there are infinite ways to relish chocolate.

The Origins of World Chocolate Day 

The beginnings of World Chocolate Day might remain a mystery, but that doesn't dull the excitement. To honour this day, we've curated a collection of our favourite chocolate recipes, featuring our distinctive fricassee of chicken with chocolate recipe. When crafting these delicious treats, ensure you use RSPCA Assured eggs and chicken for a guilt-free indulgence.

Can't Wait for World Chocolate Day? Start Celebrating Now!

We understand your chocolate anticipation! Why wait until July? Start stirring, baking, melting, fricasseeing, or simply savouring your favourite chocolate treats right away.

Happy World Chocolate Day from RSPCA Assured!

Enjoy this decadent day with your favourite chocolate creations, share the sweetness with your loved ones, and remember to choose RSPCA Assured products for an ethically responsible celebration.

Remember, when it comes to celebrating World Chocolate Day, do it the RSPCA Assured way—where great taste and high animal welfare go hand in hand.

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