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Cat Green: Marking her Dedication to Animal Welfare

I come from a non-farming background, but my brother and I both work in the agricultural industry. I wanted to go into agriculture because of my love of animals, and a lot of my childhood was spent visiting my grandparents in rural Norfolk.

After school, I couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom, so I chose to study Animal Management at college where the course gave me hands-on work experience with livestock and estate skills. I was also lucky enough to experience a lambing season in Northern Ireland.

After college, I went to Harper Adams University to study for a degree in Agriculture with Animal Science. During my time there, I worked in the poultry industry for over a year where I moved through broiler breeder farms, rearing farms, hatchery and broiler farms, and I also undertook some summer work on arable and beef farms. I also experienced two more lambing seasons during my Easter breaks from university, this time in the North East of England.

I also spent a year teaching modules in Animal Management at Askham Bryan College, and over two years as a herdswoman on a large dairy farm. So despite not growing up in farming, I’ve more than made up for it! I even have a tattoo of a cow, sheep, pig and chicken on my arm!

I joined the RSPCA in 2018 as a Farm Livestock Officer, where I monitored RSPCA Assured members. I officially moved across to RSPCA Assured as a Field Assessor in 2022, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Discovering a Passion for Agriculture and Animal Welfare

One of my first memories of being on a farm was of the little one in my childhood village which was owned by a woman who kept sheep and hens. They let me collect the eggs and look at the fleece that had been bagged up from the sheep. I remember being so fascinated; that’s when I fell in love with the world of farming. I was also besotted with the border collies there, they’ve also become a lifelong passion.

Engaging with RSPCA Assured Farmers Across the Country

I enjoy visiting farms in different parts of the country. I love being out and about meeting RSPCA Assured farmers. They all show such pride in their animals. It’s great to see directly how much RSPCA Assured members care for the welfare of their animals and also to see new ways of doing things. The farmers are so passionate about what they do, it’s inspiring.

Promoting Animal Welfare and the Benefits of Compassionate Animal Care

I have always believed that you get out what you put in. Animals that are treated with care and compassion, handled well, and have their physical and mental needs met throughout their lifetime will not only have a happy and meaningful life, but they will ultimately produce a better product for the farmer. Farms that rear livestock need to put a lot of consideration into the welfare needs of their animals.

Balancing Work and Hobbies: Dressage, Strength Training and More

I’m starting to dabble in the world of dressage with my ex-racehorse, Sting. He’s taken to it exceptionally well. I also like walking through the country with my two dogs, Moss and Flynn. As well as that, I try to fit in some strength training at the gym a few times a week. If I have any free time after all of that I like to go clay shooting; my dad and I get very competitive at it!

Meet Moss and Flynn, the Ex-Agility Competitors

I have two border collies, Moss and Flynn, who I used to compete with in agility. They’re now both slowing down a bit and easing into their older years, so we like to go on lots of nice and relaxed walks through the woods and fields, as well as exploring the Northumberland coast.

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