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Allan Pearson - Regional Assessor Manager

Role and Responsibilities as RSPCA Assured's Regional Assessor Manager

As a Regional Assessor Manager for RSPCA Assured, my role includes managing a team of eight field assessors. Our region extends from Wales and North Lincolnshire up to the Scottish borders. Key to my role is supporting the team in performing their annual farm visits, ensuring that member farms adhere to our high animal welfare standards and don't go longer than fourteen months without an assessment. As a manager, I'm responsible for team training, recruitment, health and safety, as well as annual reviews. Part of my role also involves observing assessors' performances and reporting to our certification body, SCI.

Allan Pearson: Over Two Decades of Service in Animal Welfare

I joined the RSPCA Assured on 16th May 2022, but my journey with the RSPCA began way back in 1998. I started with spot checks on RSPCA Assured farms, and now, after 24 years with the organisation, I’m proud to support our mission to improve animal welfare.

The Joy of Promoting Animal Welfare at RSPCA Assured

There's no greater joy than knowing we're making a real difference in the lives of animals. By delivering robust assessments and supporting my team, we ensure animals on our member farms are raised to high welfare standards. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing animals thriving on the farms we visit.

Animal welfare expertise: From dairy cows to pigs and laying hens

Though my career began in dairy farming, my experience with the RSPCA has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge across multiple species. Today, as a Regional Assessor Manager, I primarily oversee the welfare of pigs and laying hens, though I retain a soft spot for dairy cows!

Why RSPCA Assured is leading in farm assurance schemes

In my view, RSPCA Assured offers the most robust farm assurance scheme in the UK. Our qualified and dedicated assessors ensure consumers buying RSPCA Assured products can trust the animal welfare standards upheld by our farms.

Allan Pearson's Tips For Aspiring RSPCA Assured Farm Assessors

Aspiring assessors should have a solid understanding of agriculture, especially concerning the welfare challenges of their chosen species. It's essential to stay curious, and always try to increase your knowledge. Faith in your abilities, excellent communication skills, and keen attention to detail are also crucial for delivering thorough and consistent assessments.

Allan Pearson: A Foodie and Fitness Enthusiast Off-Duty

Away from work, I enjoy walking, visiting the gym, and indulging my foodie tendencies – I make an excellent ragu sauce!

Meet Dinkley: The Pearson Family's Maine Coon Cat

At home, our family includes Dinkley, a Maine Coon cat we found abandoned 12 years ago. He's been a treasured part of our family ever since.

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