Our Assurances

No cages… ever

Whenever you buy something carrying the RSPCA Assured mark, you can be sure that animals were reared to the RSPCA’s higher welfare standards. That means the hens were never caged and pigs were never kept in farrowing crates.

Cages and crates seriously restrict farmed animals’ movement and prevent them from engaging in their natural behaviours. Just like us, farm animals need to be active and mobile in order to stay healthy and happy.

Enriched living conditions

The RSPCA’s welfare standards insist that farmed animals are provided with a physically and mentally stimulating environment. These requirements vary from species to species.

Poultry - must have access to enrichment such as perches, straw bales and objects to peck at, such as dangling CDs or small toys. 

Pigs and other livestock - must be provided with plenty of comfortable material such as straw to root around in. 

Environmental enrichment helps to ensure farmed animals stay mentally and physically active and healthy.

Humane slaughter

Unlike some other schemes, RSPCA Assured inspects the welfare of animals from birth right through to slaughter, including transport. 

There are dozens of RSPCA standards specifically related to slaughter for each of the species we cover. 

Amongst other things, these prohibit the use of practices like live shackling of conscious birds, and strictly require careful handling and pre-stunning before slaughter.

Space to move

In many cases, the RSPCA welfare standards specify space allowances above legal requirements and other assurance providers. 

This ensures animals have enough space to move around, stay active and easily access food and water.

Responsible antibiotic usage

RSPCA Assured does not allow the routine use of antibiotics. 

However, as an assurance provider that puts animal welfare first – and unlike some others – we require that animals are given antibiotics when they actually need them, such as if an animal is sick or injured.

Fully traceable

In addition to the RSPCA standards for farmed animals, RSPCA Assured also has its own set of standards for food manufacturers to ensure products are fully traceable from the supermarket shelf back to the farm. 

Just like farmers, food manufacturers are inspected to ensure they are adhering to our stringent traceability standards. When you buy a product carrying the RSPCA Assured mark you know the animals have been bred, reared, transported and slaughtered to strict RSPCA welfare standards.

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