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Eat Less, Eat Better

What is Eat Less, Eat Better?

Every time you buy groceries or eat out in a restaurant, you have the chance to make a difference. We would like to encourage people who choose to eat animal produce, to reduce their intake and only choose higher welfare options. When you choose RSPCA Assured labelled meat, fish, eggs and milk, you’re helping to support farmers who are committed to providing higher welfare standards for farmed animals.

We all have a choice. If you choose to eat meat, please make the higher welfare choice.

What is Eat Less, Eat Better?

Our Eat Less, Eat Better campaign was created to encourage people to think about where the food they eat comes from. Millions of people around the world are now switching to reducetarian or flexitarian diets, recognising that lowering their consumption can bring health benefits, a cleaner world and, by making the higher welfare choice, a clearer conscience.

When you cut down on animal proteins, you can replace them by eating more fruits, vegetables, beans and pulses.

Why Are We Promoting Eat Less, Eat Better?

We launched Eat Less, Eat Better in 2019 to inspire people to cut down on meat, fish, eggs and dairy from lower-welfare farming systems and choose higher-welfare or animal-free alternatives instead. 

If we all adopted a diet of eating less, it would help to reduce the need for intensive farming methods which could lead to higher standards of living for all farmed animals.

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