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M&S Stocks 100% Slower-Growing Fresh Chicken

We’re thrilled to see that M&S has committed to stocking only slower-growing chicken. 

M&S already stocks the biggest range of RSPCA Assured products on the market. Now the bar has been raised even higher by a commitment to move to 100% slower-growing fresh RSPCA Assured chicken by autumn 2022.

M&S has a long history of leading the way on animal welfare standards. In 2017, M&S became the first major retailer to source its fresh milk from RSPCA Assured dairy farms, and in April this year, became the first retailer to exclusively sell 100% outdoor bred RSPCA Assured pork.

Customers can already buy slower-growing chicken at M&S but from next year all fresh chicken products will be RSPCA Assured. M&S is taking its commitment to farm animal welfare to the next level by being the first retailer to sign up to the Better Chicken Commitment. These slower-growing birds are fed on a multigrain diet, specifically designed to support their slower natural growth and muscle development. This is great news and an important step towards showing all retailers that customers care about higher welfare standards. The RSPCA is now calling on other retailers to follow M&S’ lead with its ‘landmark’ commitment to welfare standards.
A Great Commitment to Higher Welfare

“We couldn’t be happier that M&S is further extending its commitment to farm animal welfare by being the first retailer to move all of its fresh chicken to RSPCA Assured. 

It’s a major achievement for helping improve chicken welfare. This bold move means many thousands more chickens will have better lives on farms inspected to the RSPCA’s strict welfare standards. And with more people than ever before recognising and trusting the RSPCA Assured logo, it also means even more choice for welfare-conscious shoppers.

We look forward to working with M&S chicken farms over the coming months and hope other retailers will be encouraged to follow their lead.”

- Clive Brazier - CEO of RSPCA Assured

“With its move to RSPCA Assured in this category, M&S has extended its already leading position and can assure its customers that they are buying higher welfare chicken, reared to the RSPCA’s high standards – throughout its entire range.

It’s a landmark achievement for animal welfare, which we hope will set a leading example for others in the sector. By simply switching to using only slower-growing breeds of chicken, retailers can make an enormous difference to the lives and welfare of millions of chickens reared in this country every year for their meat.”

- Chris Sherwood - RSPCA Chief Executive

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Jodie is RSPCA Assured's Website Manager. 

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