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Bold and Brave: Creating a Better World for Farmed Animals

The RSPCA launched its new brand this week, a hugely significant moment for both our well-loved parent charity and for animal welfare.

I love the brand’s bold look and feel and I’m sure it’ll help the RSPCA build an even stronger movement for animal welfare for many years to come.

Whenever an organisation reveals a new brand, it’s tempting to focus on the new logo, the new website, the new colours.

But, for me, the most exciting announcement was the RSPCA’s new purpose - inspiring everyone to create a better world for every animal.

This goal includes a renewed focus on the welfare of farmed animals, and it’s an integral part of the new brand campaign. This is something I warmly welcome as it’s an issue I’m passionate about personally and, as the executive director of RSPCA Assured, am determined to make a meaningful difference to.

I’m proud that, for 200 years, the RSPCA has played a significant role in driving up farm animal welfare standards here and around the world - and as a result, millions upon millions of animals have had better lives.

But there’s so much more to be done. The way in which the vast majority of farm animals are kept and treated is simply not good enough and that’s why we must take action.

RSPCA Assured, the RSPCA’s not-for-profit farm animal welfare assurance scheme, is a vital part of this. The scheme was set up 30 years ago to work with farmers, supermarkets and food businesses to continually drive up welfare standards. 

It plays a crucial role in ensuring animals farmed for food today have a better life, and also ensures a better future for the farm animals of tomorrow.

Our member farms are assessed and monitored regularly to ensure the animals are reared to the RSPCA’s strict higher welfare standards, which cover every aspect of the animals’ lives - and only food from these farms can be labelled with the RSPCA Assured logo.

As a result, many millions of farmed animals lead better lives and welfare standards are higher not just here in the UK, but around the world.

It was a brave decision for an animal welfare charity to start working with the farming industry to improve the lives of animals in this way - and we are the only organisation to have taken on this challenge.

RSPCA Assured, alongside our nearly 4,000 farming members, has done more to drive up farmed animal welfare standards than any other organisation. If it wasn’t for our work, many millions of animals would be farmed to lower welfare standards.

The RSPCA’s new brand is bold and brave and so is RSPCA Assured in its approach to the challenges ahead - we are determined to continue to do everything we can for farm animal welfare.

So if you choose to eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy, you can help by looking for the RSPCA Assured logo when you do.

For those who’d like the farming and consumption of animals to stop, I hope you understand why we do what we do - even if you don’t agree with our approach.

We need as many people as possible to help us create a better world for farmed animals. We’d love your support.

About the author

Toby Baker -Executive Director

A passionate advocate for farm animal welfare, Toby's proud that RSPCA Assured has helped improve the lives of millions of farm animals since it was launched 30 years ago.

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