RSPCA welfare standards

RSPCA welfare standards

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Is there an RSPCA Assured label on the packaging of the eggs, fish and meat that you buy?

Yes? Then you know the farms, hauliers and abattoirs approved by RSPCA Assured have been assessed to the RSPCA’s farm animal welfare standards.

A team of scientific officers in the RSPCA's farm animals department write the standards.

They’re continually reviewed and informed by the latest research and practical experience - and in consultation with leading scientific, veterinary and practical industry experts.

These detailed documents cover every aspect of the animals’ lives, including feed and water, the environment they live in, how they’re managed, health care, transport and humane slaughter.

A better quality of life

Depending on species, benefits of the RSPCA welfare standards include:

  • More space
  • Natural lighting
  • Comfy bedding
  • Environmental enrichment
    eg objects for birds to peck at
  • Shade and shelter

The standards are designed to ensure animals have everything they need for a better quality of life, whether they’re kept on large or small farms, or in indoor or outdoor production systems.

Why choose RSPCA Assured?

To help display our farm animal welfare standards more clearly, we've created a series of simple icons. They have been designed to help convey the essence of what RSPCA Assured does in a visually pleasing and yet simple way.

These can be found on our industry website and are available for download