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Want find RSPCA Assured at your supermarket?

Why You Should Lobby Your Supermarket

Lobbying your supermarket gives you the opportunity to find the products you want to buy and transition to a higher-welfare diet without disrupting your lifestyle. When supermarkets stock more RSPCA Assured products, you can buy the products that you want, safe in the knowledge that you are making an ethical choice.

The Benefits of Choosing Higher Welfare Products

Buying only higher-welfare products goes hand in hand with our eat less, eat better campaign: we are encouraging people to reduce their meat, fish and dairy intake by switching to higher welfare and even having meat-free meals once or twice a week. Our eat less, eat better recipe book is totally free to download and contains 14 healthy, higher-welfare meal options.

What Happens When You 'Lobby Your Supermarket'?

Once you’ve clicked submit, your preferences (only) are entered on our lobby your supermarket database. This is a vital tool for us as it allows us to show food manufacturers, supermarkets and restaurant chains what customers want to buy.

Based on your preferences, we create industry emails, company presentations and technical reports which can then be used to highlight to suppliers the demand for existing RSPCA Assured products and even encourage producers to look into creating new product lines. And ultimately see more animals benefit from the RSPCA’s higher welfare standards.

Success Stories of Our 'Lobby Your Supermarket' Tool

Since the launch of our 'Lobby Your Supermarket' tool, we've seen restaurants and supermarkets stock RSPCA Assured labelled products.

In 2016, JD Wetherspoon committed to using only RSPCA Assured shell eggs. McDonald's now uses 100% RSPCA Assured labelled pork across its entire UK menu, along with RSPCA Assured eggs in breakfast items, including the popular McMuffins.

In 2017, Marks and Spencer became the first major retailer to source its fresh milk from RSPCA Assured dairy farms. And since 2021, all M&S fresh eggs, pork, farmed salmon and farmed trout, and Oakham Gold chicken is RSPCA Assured.

Lobby Your Supermarket now

If you would like to buy RSPCA Assured products but can’t find them on at your supermarket, you can use our lobby your supermarket tool to let them know.

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