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McDonald’s uses 100% RSPCA Assured labelled pork across its entire UK menu.

This means that all sausage and bacon used in McDonald's popular breakfast McMuffins, premium salads and in promotional burgers is from RSPCA Assured member farms. McDonald's also cook only free-range eggs in their breakfast menu. 

The market for RSPCA Assured labelled products is growing, but to have one of the UK’s biggest restaurant chains serving only RSPCA Assured logoed pork is a first!

It marks a major milestone for farm animal welfare and it's also an impressive achievement by McDonald’s.  

They have shown that it is possible to bring higher welfare food to the everyday consumer at an affordable price and on a national scale.


We hope this will encourage other restaurants and restaurant chains to follow McDonald’s lead and inspire more farmers to adopt the RSPCA’s welfare standards, improving the lives of even more farm animals.

With this move McDonald’s becomes the UK’s second biggest buyer of RSPCA Assured labelled pork.

Find out where you'll find RSPCA Assured products near you on our Where to buy page.

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