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In 2017, M&S became the first major retailer to source its fresh milk from RSPCA Assured dairy farms.

The M&S Milk Pool consists of 44 farmers, all of which deliver regionally sourced RSPCA Assured fresh milk to their stores. This means that more than 150 million pints sold every year now come from farms which adhere to higher welfare standards.

Since 1999 the M&S Milk Pledge has been in place meaning that  Select Farmers always receive a fair price for their milk

guaranteeing them a secure future.

To this day, M&S continues to be the only retail which supplies RSPCA Assured labelled milk. All fresh milk you find on the shelves at M&S will carry the RSPCA Assured logo on the packaging.

If you'd like to read about Mark & Spencers' approach to sourcing dairy you can visit their website.

Shopping for RSPCA Assured labelled products

RSCPA Assured products are now available at a range of supermarkets all across the country. To find the M&S or other supermarket closest to you, you can use our handy where to buy map. We also have a lobby you supermarket tool, so you can let your favourite supermarket know which products you'd like them to stock in the future. 

“Animal welfare is a top priority for our business and we’re proud to be the first and only major retailer to sell RSPCA Assured milk. This gives our customers confidence that the milk they buy from us is produced to the highest welfare standards for our milking cows.”

  • Steve McLean, Head of Agriculture and Fisheries

M&S RSPCA Assured milk