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RSPCA Assured at Co-op

Co-op has been selling RSPCA Assured products since 1995, making them our longest-standing supporter.

As one of the UK's largest retailers of RSPCA Assured products, Co-op has made a firm commitment to prioritising animal welfare. In fact, since 2014, Co-op has been awarded Tier 2 status in the Business Benchmark Farm Animal Welfare report, which recognises that animal welfare is integral to their business strategy.

In July 2017, Co-op announced that all of its Irresistible brand fresh pork, bacon, sausage, gammon and ham would be sourced from 100% outdoor-bred pigs on RSPCA Assured farms.

And in 2018, Co-op switched their entire range of own-label pork products to British outdoor bred pork. This ensures care and respect for their livestock and that all pigs will be born outdoors and raised in well-ventilated, spacious straw barns to strict RSPCA welfare standards on farms across the UK.

Co-op is helping more and more pigs across the country to have a better life, but more than that, Co-op is helping to show that higher welfare means doesn’t mean higher retail prices.

Eggs at Co-op
The welfare of the hens is paramount to Co-op, which is why they make sure that all eggs are all 100% British and sourced from farms that are RSPCA assured. Look for the RSPCA Assured logo next time you shop and you’ll find a range of options including Irresistible, Organic, Standard 6/12 pack, Scottish, Welsh, as well as other English regions. Co-op British 6 Large Free Range Eggs. For more information and a selection of enticing egg recipes please see our free-range eggs page.

Salmon at Co-op
Succulent, Scottish farmed Co-op Irresistible Salmon comes from fish which have been cared for to RSPCA Assured standards which include good water quality and careful handling procedures throughout their entire lives. If you’re looking for exciting salmon recipe inspiration, why not try our smoked salmon tartlets or even our Thai salmon cakes with dipping sauce.

Pork at Co-op
All of Co-op’s own-brand fresh pork, bacon, sausage, gammon and ham is sourced from RSPCA Assured British farms. This means that the pigs are born outdoors and throughout their entire lives, the sows are free from confinement and able to fully express their natural behaviour.

Ham at Co-op
Made from a fine selection of choice cuts, Co-op ham all comes from RSPCA Assured farms. Look for the logo when you shop and choose from Co-op British thin-sliced honey roast ham, thin sliced cooked ham, British breaded hamBritish honey roast ham and Co-op Irresistible Wiltshire cured breaded ham.

Bacon at Co-op
Co-op stock a delicious selection of both smoked and unsmoked bacon, including their own brand Irresistible range. Look out for the logo when you buy Co-op British Smoked Rindless Back Bacon, Co-op British Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon, Co-op Irresistible Dry Cured Smoked Back Bacon Rashers, Co-op Irresistible Dry Cured Unsmoked Back Bacon Rashers and Co-op Irresistible Outdoor Bred Dry Cured Smoked Pancetta Rashers. To find out more on how to cook your bacon and what makes RSPCA Assured bacon different read our higher welfare bacon page.

Sausages at Co-op
Co-op’s delicious own-brand sausages, the Co-op Cumberland Sausages Irresistible range is 100% RSPCA Assured. The ideal comfort food whether you choose Co-op Irresistible 6 Cumberland Sausages, Co-op Irresistible 6 Pork Sausages or Co-op Irresistible Outdoor Bred 8 Pork Sausages. If you feel like being a little more adventurous, you could try our sausage and onion wrap recipe or even try some more Italian and make our delicious pasta with sausage and fennel ragu.

Can’t find what you’re looking for at Co-op?

If there are other RSPCA Assured products you’d like to buy but can’t find on the shelves at Co-op, you can let them know with our lobby your supermarket tool.

Animal welfare is part of our DNA and we are passionate about ensuring our produce is created to good animal welfare standards. We are delighted to work so collaboratively with RSPCA Assured who, along with our trusted farming partners, help us to drive forward our welfare commitments.

- Caroline Mason, Co-op’s Head of Agriculture

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