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RSPCA Assured at Aldi

With over 50 different RSPCA Assured labelled items on its shelves, Aldi is the second-largest retailer in the UK of RSPCA Assured products.

All of Aldi’s organic and free-range eggs, as well as their free-range chicken, are RSPCA Assured, making them one of the largest retailers of RSPCA Assured free-range chicken in the UK.

Aldi also sells Specially Selected pork loin steaks, as well as salmon fillets which are all RSPCA Assured.

Thanks to Aldi’s continued dedication to delivering the highest standards for its customers, it continues to win awards like Best Grocer 2019 and Best Own Brand Range/Product 2019 at the Retail Week Awards and Favourite Supermarket Retailer at the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) Food Awards 2019, as well as a trolley-full of other impressive accolades.

Aldi free-range eggs
Among other great egg choices, Aldi stock Golden Yolk Eggs and British Blue Eggs, medium free-range eggs, mixed weight eggs, large free-range eggs and even very large free-range eggs, all of which are RSPCA Assured.

By looking for the RSPCA Assured logo when shopping you can be sure that the eggs you are buying come from hens that have lived better lives and been inspected to RSPCA higher welfare standards including health, diet, environment and care. For more information on free-range eggs and our laying hens welfare standards.

Aldi free-range whole chicken
With the freedom to roam around in grassy paddocks, forage, dust bathe and express their natural behaviour, Aldi’s free-range chickens are a slower growing breed. You will find free-range corn fed chicken breast fillets, free-range corn fed chicken thigh fillets and also free-range corn fed whole chickens

And if you’re looking for exciting chicken recipes, we’ve also got a whole range for you to choose from including oven-baked chicken jambalaya, honey and mustard chicken and yoghurt spiced chicken.

Aldi pork
Aldi’s succulent and delicious unsmoked dry-cured gammon steaks come from prime outdoor bred pigs all raised to RSPCA Assured higher welfare standards.

Aldi bacon

At Aldi, you will also find RSPCA Assured Specially Selected British outdoor bred dry-cured bacon rashers smoked, Specially Selected British outdoor bred dry-cured bacon rashers unsmoked, Specially Selected British outdoor bred dry cured back bacon rashers smoked and Specially Selected British outdoor bred dry cured back bacon rashers unsmoked.

Aldi salmon
Aldi also stocks a delicious range of RSPCA Assured salmon fillets such as Specially Selected deliciously tender Scottish salmon fillets, Specially Selected lightly smoked Scottish salmon fillets, Specially Selected mild & delicate smoked salmon and Specially Selected strong & robust smoked salmon.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spice up your salmon why not try our recipes for Teriyaki salmon with sesame noodles or blackened salmon with caponata.

Can’t find what you’re looking for at Aldi?

If there are other RSPCA Assured products you’d like to buy but can’t find on the shelves at Aldi, you can let them know with our lobby your supermarket tool.

Animal welfare is hugely important to our customers and to us as a business. We’re proud to be RSPCA Assured on a range of our products, to offer responsibly sourced, quality items at unbeatable prices.

- Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi

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