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The Eating Better Alliance

The Eating Better Alliance is an alliance of 60 like-minded civil society organisations, including the RSPCA, WWF and Friends of the Earth, who are all ‘committed to supporting food production that is better for people, the environment and livestock'.

The Alliance works with the government and industry to make the changes necessary to achieve more healthy and sustainable levels of meat and dairy consumption.

RSPCA Assured is also a member and firm supporter of the Eating Better Alliance as we share their belief in less and better meat and dairy consumption. And we believe those RSPCA Assured British farmers rearing their animals to RSPCA standards are amongst those championing ‘better’ meat and dairy.

Better by half

The Eating Better Alliance’s biggest campaign is ‘Better by Half: a roadmap to less and better meat and dairy.’ The objective of the campaign is to achieve a 50% reduction in meat and dairy consumption by 2030 by working with the government and the food industry.

Half the average amount of meat and dairy is also similar to the NHS Eat Well Guide. So, eating less and eating better is not only better for animals, people and the planet, but also for our own personal health and welfare.

Get involved

The Eating Better Alliance’s campaigns are focussed on working with the government and industry. But, like many of us in the RSPCA Assured team, you can still get involved by choosing to eat less and better meat and dairy yourself.

What is half?

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA, 2018), if you don’t include takeaway, the average Brit eats roughly the equivalent of a pack of mince, half a chicken and almost 2 litres of milk every week – and that’s before we even look at lamb, pork, fish and eggs.

Trade-up or trade-off

If you would like to have a go at eating less and better yourself – an exciting and rewarding personal challenge. We have also produced this list of handy suggestions for how to trade up or trade-off the meat and dairy you are eating. It can be a great way to become more creative and adventurous with food and discover fantastic new foods you never knew existed.

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