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World chocolate day

When is World Chocolate Day 2022?
World Chocolate Day is always on 7 July, so in 2022 it falls on a Thursday.

Why do we celebrate World Chocolate Day?
Ummm. Do we really need to answer that question? Didn’t think so.

How do we celebrate Chocolate Day?
Now that’s more like it. The absolutely best way to celebrate World Chocolate Day is by indulging in an overindulgence of chocolate. Whether it’s chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate brownies,chocolate muffins, chocolate cupcakes, double-choc-chocolate cookies, triple-choc-chocolate chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate milkshakes, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate chocolate or even chocolate chicken! Yes, you read that right, we'll explain later.

Who invented World Chocolate Day?
Absolutely no idea and we're fine with that, any excuse to eat chocolate works for us. So we've brought together a few delicious chocolate recipes, you can make to indulge your chocolatey side, including our fricassee of chicken with chocolate recipe. Just be sure to use RSPCA Assured eggs (and chicken) in your creations.

Can't wait for World Chocolate Day?
Neither can we. So feel free to start mixing, baking, melting, fricasseeing or just eating now.

Happy World Chocolate Day to everyone!

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