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Bonfire night

Whether you’re heading out to an organised display or throwing your own party, Bonfire Night is a great excuse to get together with friends and family, and what better way to come together than with tasty food? 

From savoury classics like pulled pork baps and baked potatoes, to homemade marshmallows and mulled cider, we have lots of recipes to choose from.

Top tips for hosting your own fireworks night party:

  • For a more considerate event, only use low noise/ silent fireworks and limit your display to a specific time slot to minimise the disturbance to neighbours and wildlife
  • Keep a bucket of sand handy to safely extinguish sparklers
  • If you’re having a bonfire, don’t build it until the night of your party, as small animals such as hedgehogs may try to make a home in the woodpile 
  • Remember that embers can stay hot for hours after a fire has gone out  (and even until the next day), so keep children and animals far away from the remains of bonfires, even if they appear to be safe
Why use RSPCA Assured ingredients this Bonfire Night? 

If you see the RSPCA Assured logo on the packaging of the meat, fish, eggs or dairy that you buy, you know the farms - and everyone else involved in the animals’ lives - have been inspected to higher welfare standards.

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