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Our understanding of humanity’s effect on the natural world has changed rapidly over the past few years, as its impact has become more visible. It’s becoming increasingly clear that our treatment of the environment, people and animals needs to change, which is why we developed these new policies in 2019, in consultation with The Environment Agency, WWF, WRAP UK and our retail partners.  

These focus on plastic packaging used for RSPCA Assured products and the use of soy and palm oil in products carrying the logo. 

What do these policies cover?
  • Elimination of problematic or unnecessary single-use plastic packaging for RSPCA Assured products 
  • Adoption of reusable or recyclable materials in packaging 
  • Proactive promotion of effectively recycling, composting, or repurposing of packaging 
  • Increase in use of recycled content in all plastic packaging carrying the RSPCA Assured certification mark
  • Requirements for appropriate sourcing of sustainable palm oil to be used in RSPCA Assured products
  • Requirements for appropriate sourcing of sustainable soy to be used in RSPCA Assured products 
  • Advice and recommendations on appropriate sourcing of sustainable soy (soybean meal) to be used in feed consumed by animals on RSPCA Assured certified farms

The information in these policies is subject to review.

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