Date: 03 Mar 2021

Nearly two thirds of shoppers recognise RSPCA Assured label

RSPCA Assured - the RSPCA’s ethical food label - is now recognised by 64% of young professionals and families (its target market) less than six years after it was rebranded from Freedom Food.

This is more than three times the awareness level (of 19%) measured when the new logo first launched in 2015, vastly exceeding the charity’s expectations. General consumer awareness has also continued to increase from 15% in 2015 to 58% today*.

RSPCA Assured - which now has more than 1,100 different labelled product lines - has also reported a significant 52% increase in the amount of food carrying its label between 2016 and 2020**.

Further, this upsurge is mirrored by a 63% increase in the number of animals being farmed under the scheme over the last five years - from about 15.9 million terrestrial animals in 2015 to 25.9 million in 2020***. This equates to nearly 12% of the UK terrestrial farming market for the species covered by RSPCA Assured****. The majority of all Scottish salmon farms are also now under the scheme. Commenting on its success Clive Brazier, CEO of RSPCA Assured, says:

“Despite an incredibly turbulent 12 months, fraught with the challenges of Covid-19, Avian Influenza and Brexit, these results show that the trend for ethical food is unwavering. 

Consumers are standing firm by farm animal welfare even during the toughest of times, which means the future is looking very promising for higher welfare farming.”

*4Media carried out a survey of 2,000 adults in December 2020 to measure awareness of RSPCA Assured.

**This figure is based on licence fee income for use of the RSPCA Assured logo.

***Number of animals are taken at a single point in time - December 2020.

****RSPCA Assured market penetration is measured against DEFRA’s most recently available annual statistics for the terrestrial livestock species in the UK (2019) that are covered by RSPCA Assured (ie. some species such as goats and ducks are not included because there aren’t any under the scheme).  These figures are based on a single point in time - December 2019 for DEFRA and December 2020 for RSPCA Assured

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