RSPCA Assured farmer gives pigs pumpkins to play with

RSPCA Assured farmer gives pigs pumpkins to play with

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Piglets halloween

An RSPCA Assured farmer has come up with a novel way of keeping his pigs entertained this Halloween, by giving them a pile of of pumpkins to play with.

RSPCA Assured farm assessor, Rosie Hiller, today visited the pigs and their new toys.  

She said: "Pigs are really clever animals and they need things to do so they don’t become bored.  That’s why we ask RSPCA Assured farmers to give them material like straw to root around in.

Did you know?

    • Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals that learn quickly. In many tests they can out-perform dogs!
    • They naturally forage and root for food and eat a wide range of vegetables
    • Happy pigs often have curly tails and stressed pigs tuck their tails between their legs
    • In cold weather pigs often huddle to keep warm. In warm weather they wallow in water and mud
    • Pigs are clean! They like to go to the toilet and sleep in separate areas

“But it’s always great when farmers go that extra mile and do something a bit different. Letting pigs have a bit of fun rooting around and munching on pumpkins is a great idea.

“It’s clear the pigs love them and it's a pleasure to watch them enjoying themselves so much."

What makes RSPCA Assured different?

  • The RSPCA welfare standards for pigs - which must be met for any pork products to be labelled RSPCA Assured -  don’t allow pigs to be kept in farrowing crates
  • Sows must be given room to turn around freely and material to build their nests
  • Indoors pigs must have plenty of space to move about, material such as straw to root around in and a comfortable place to sleep
  • Outdoors they must have access to a dry, comfortable shelter
  • The RSPCA welfare standards cover the pigs throughout their lives, including 
  • health, diet, environment and care
  • RSPCA Assured assessors and the RSPCA's farm livestock officers check that the RSPCA welfare standards are being met
  • Based on the latest scientific evidence, the standards are much more detailed and stricter than minimum legal requirements
  • The RSPCA Assured label makes it easy to recognise products from animals that have had a better life so you can feel confident and good about your choice when shopping and eating out.

If you are a journalist and would like more information, please contact:

Rebecca Lenik, media relations manager

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Date: 28 Oct 2016