Welcome to the new RSPCA Assured website

Welcome to the new RSPCA Assured website

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You might have noticed the RSPCA Assured website has had a bit of a facelift!

In fact we’ve redesigned and updated the entire site and hope you’ll find it much easier to find the information you need.

We’ve made the where to buy page much clearer and more shops and restaurants will be added in coming months.

There’s also a new farm animal welfare section which explains the welfare issues facing farm animals and how animals reared on the RSPCA Assured scheme have better lives.

You can find out about the RSPCA welfare standards, the welfare of chickens, egg laying hens, pigs, farmed fish and veal.

Pages on beef cattle, dairy cows, sheep and turkeys are coming soon.

We love the new site - we hope you do too! 



Date: 20 Aug 2015