RSPCA Assured assessor deserves a medal after 20 years’ service

RSPCA Assured assessor deserves a medal after 20 years’ service

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You probably haven’t heard of Eddie Kenworthy.

But if you buy RSPCA Assured-labelled food regularly you may well have bought some meat or eggs from farms he has inspected, ensuring they reach the RSPCA’s strict welfare standards.

Eddie (59) is RSPCA Assured’s longest serving assessor and has worked for the scheme for an impressive 20 years!

He was presented with a special medal at the RSPCA Assured head office to thank him for his long service and commitment to animal welfare.

Lots of people might say they deserve a medal if they spend 20 years with one employer - but not Eddie; he says he enjoys his job and that’s why he’s stuck around.

Eddie lives on the border between Shropshire and Wales but has travelled throughout the

eddie-kenworthy-assessor-rspca-assured (1).jpg
“I meet new people and learn something every day - that’s what I enjoy about the job.
“I’ve also seen real progression in the farming industry over the years - especially poultry - and that’s all thanks to RSPCA Assured.
As the RSPCA welfare standards have evolved, the industry has evolved too.”

Eddie Kenworthy, RSPCA Assured assessor

UK and Europe to carry out RSPCA Assured assessments.

Despite the long days getting from A to B, Eddie always takes the time to chat to the farmers he visits.

He said: “I like the banter of it - there’s a nugget of mirth in everything. Of course we take the assessment extremely seriously, but the audit should be a pleasant experience for our members.

“My day can sometimes take an unexpected turn and I’ve ended up helping cows give birth to their calves and all kinds of adventures!

“I’m still learning all the time and get a huge buzz out of what we have achieved with RSPCA Assured and what we can still achieve.

“When you go to a farm and the animals are well cared for, the farmers are proud of what they’ve achieved - that’s what I love about this job.”

Date: 21 Mar 2017