Pancake Art

Pancake Art

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RA Pancakes)

Bring some excitement to your dining table and some panache to your frying pan this Pancake Day. A simple pancake mix, a good non-stick pan, some food colouring and a dash of creativity is all you need to serve up some pancake art on Tuesday 16 February.

Higher welfare pancakes

Look for the RSPCA Assured logo on your eggs so you know the hens were inspected to RSPCA welfare standards and were never caged. Hens raised on RSPCA Assured farms are kept in barns with plenty of space, perches 

and nest boxes or in free-range systems with access to an outside range.

What is pancake art?

Pancake art involves drawing layered pictures in your frying pan as your pancakes cook. For simple two-colour designs, you can divide your batter mix into two bowls and add a little cacao powder to one of them. 

Pancake Piccassos will want to use squeezy food bottles to make sure their designs are as precise as possible while the rest of us can use icing bags. Just be sure to only cut a small hole in the bag.

Pancake art recipe

To make your pancake art you can just use a traditional pancake recipe but we recommend adding a little extra milk. 

The Pancake Art Challenge

We’ve had a go at making the RSPCA Assured logo for our pancake art so we needed to add some blue and red food colouring to ours. 

If you feel like rising to the challenge and creating some pancake art, share it on


A few tips to help you with your kitchen creations 

  1. Your pan only needs to be hot enough to set the batter. Keep it on the lowest setting until you’re done and then turn up the heat before flipping over. 
  2. Draw the outline first and then fill in the rest.
  3. Wait until all of the mixture is set before going for the big flip and reveal.

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Kids love pancake art

Pancake art is also a great way to get the kids 

interested in cooking. Just be sure to transfer your batter to the squeezy bottles before you begin to avoid them decorating your entire kitchen.


Date: 10 Feb 2021