New RSPCA Assured ad hits TV screens

New RSPCA Assured ad hits TV screens

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Have you seen the new RSPCA Assured TV advert yet?

The ad features the voice of actor John Hurt and will be shown on Channel 4 during episodes of Sunday Brunch and also on E4, More4, Film4 and Dave from Monday 7 September.

We hope the RSPCA Assured label on meat, eggs and fish will help improve the lives of millions of farm animals in the next five years.

Watch the ad!


“The catchy combination of poetry, animation and a familiar, well-loved voice is designed to engage, educate and encourage viewers to make an informed choice by buying RSPCA Assured-labelled food.

“The more people become aware of RSPCA Assured and choose the products, the more supermarkets will stock them and more farm animals will have a better life.”

Liam Kurzeja, RSPCA Assured label marketing manager

Date: 07 Sep 2015