12 Days of Christmas Challenges

12 Days of Christmas Challenges

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To mark the 12 days of Christmas, we want to get in you in the holiday spirit with some fun and festive cooking challenges! 

A lot of us will be spending more time indoors than usual, so we’ve put together a new challenge for you to try at home for each of the 12 days of Christmas, which will get you feeling festive and baking some delicious seasonal treats (obviously using higher welfare ingredients!).

Challenge #1 – Blindfolded Christmas Cookie Decorating

The 12 days of Christmas have arrived and for your first baking task, we challenge you to bake a batch of Christmas cookies, using RSPCA Assured ingredients and cut them into festive shapes ⛄🎄❄️

Sounds easy, right? Now try to decorate your cookies… Blindfolded! Whether you’re skilled in the art of blindfolded decoration, or your cookies look a bit of a mess, it’s all for fun. Show us how you got on!

Remember to get involved on social media and show us your beautiful creations using the #BakeItRSPCAAssured and #12DaysofChristmasChallenges hashtags.

Challenge #2 – Christmas cakes from around the world

For day two of the Christmas Challenge, we’d love you to explore different cultures and festive traditions.

Try making a Christmas cake using a recipe from anywhere around the world. Perhaps a Panettone from Italy, German Lebkuchen or an Allahabadi Cake from India?

Remember to use higher welfare ingredients and show us your final creations!

Challenge #3 – Biscuit Boardgames

On the third day of Christmas, we challenge you to create an entire boardgame out of biscuits! Monopoly, checkers… Whatever you like!

Get creative and try not to eat your game before you can take a snap of it!

Reign Deer Heads

Challenge #4 – Christmas Tree Ornaments

For Challenge number four we want you to make your own Christmas tree decorations. Whether you bake biscuits, cut up egg boxes or use blown eggshells, it’s time to get creative. 

Don’t forget to use RSPCA Assured eggs and snap a pic of them up on your tree and show us how they look!

Challenge #5 – Make your house out of Gingerbread

Today, we challenge you to make a house out of gingerbread. But not just any house… Your house! Capture the essence of your home in gingerbread and make it as realistic as possible. 

Remember to share a picture of your actual house and gingerbread house next to each other when you’re done, so we can see how similar they look!

Challenge #6 – Christmas Cake Pops

The sixth day of Christmas is here and your new challenge is to create the most Christmassy of Christmas cake pops! From snowmen to reindeers… Take your pick!

Try using up any leftover cake you have from other bakes and show us your final pops! Don’t worry if they’re not perfect – we won’t judge you!

Challenge #7 – Snowmen Egg Boxes

For challenge 7, we want you to grab your leftover egg boxes and make a snowman! Get creative and reduce your waste at the same time ⛄

Show us your eco-snowman on social media using the hashtags! 

Challenge #8 – International Hot Chocolate

It’s the eighth day of Christmas and baby it’s cold outside! Take a break from all your baking and warm yourself up by making a hot

chocolate cinnamon

chocolate using RSPCA assured milk. 

Too easy? Try something new by finding a recipe from anywhere around the world – maybe spiced Mexican style, Colombian hot chocolate with cheese, or even thick Ukrainian hot chocolate?

Challenge #9 – Christmas Colour Pasta

To add something savoury to our 12 Days of Christmas Challenges, today your challenge is to create a pasta dish... from SCRATCH! 

BUT to give your meal a festive twist, add either red or green food dye to your pasta and give it some Christmas colour! Ready, Steady... Cook!

Challenge #10 – The “No Hands” Baking challenge

Try making a simple Christmas cake today with a loved one. 

Christmas Heart

BUT... One person must act as the hands, whilst the other acts as the eyes! The person using their hands must link their arms through the person using their eyes, so you have to work together to bake! 

It’s not as easy as it sounds...prepare to get a bit messy in the kitchen. Show us how you do!

Challenge #11 – Christmas Pancake Art

Your penultimate Christmas Challenge is all about pancakes! 

Try creating some Christmas pancake art using the batter and a nozzle to draw pictures on the frying pan, or just get decorative with fruit. Remember, even if they don’t look great, they will certainly taste delicious! 

Start simple and work your way up to a reindeer. 

Raspberry Face

Challenge #12 – Christmas Eve Egg Nativity

It’s Christmas Eve!!! 

For your final 12 Days of Christmas challenge, we want you to create a nativity scene using eggs as the characters! 

Get out your paints, pipe cleaners and make a backdrop to create the nativity scene with your RSPCA assured eggs as the stars of the show!

Date: 11 Dec 2020