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You've heard of elf on a shelf...

... now there’s … elf on a farm

Every year, troublesome elves move from shelf to shelf, creating household mischief and delighting children every morning when they wake up to discover the naughty new nocturnal antics. This year, our own cheeky RSPCA Assured elf, known as Alf has decided to try something different. 

Fed up with causing havoc at home, he's heading into the great outdoors. That's right, you’ve heard of elf on a shelf, well this year, it’s elf on a farm.

This Christmas, the mischievous Alf the Elf will be found out and about on RSPCA Assured farms getting up to all sorts of shenanigans. He might be tagging along with one of our farm assessors, riding a tractor, or even perching with the hens - always following biosecurity measures, of course.

Be sure to check back every day to follow the agricultural antics of Alf the  RSPCA Assured elf.

1st December - Alf the Elf at RSPCA headquarters

It's the first of December and our cheeky Christmas elf, Alf is relaxing at RSPCA headquarters in Southwater. 

2nd December - Alf the Elf reads the RSPCA welfare standards

Today, Alf the Elf is checking out the RSPCA higher welfare standards before he gets to a farm. If you’d like to find out more about what makes RSPCA Assured different, you can visit our website. 

3rd December - “Have an eggcellent Friday”,

Today, Alf is enjoying eggs. If you’re having eggs today too, be sure to get RSPCA Assured eggs. Find out more about what makes RSPCA Assured labelled eggs higher welfare.

4th December - Alf the Elf has found a friend.

Today, Alf is exploring the farm with his friend Holly. On-farm assessments mean our assessors get a real insight into what’s happening. To find out more, visit our website. Find out more about on-farm assessments.

5th December - Alf watching Welly Vision

Today, Alf the Elf is relaxing and watching our Welly Vision documentary series. If you want to be like Alf and find out what life is really like on an RSPCA Assured egg-laying hen farm, visit our website.

6th December - Alf munching biscuits and sipping milk

Cheeky Holly the Elf, has been munching on biscuits today, good thing he was dunking them in RSPCA Assured milk available from Marks & Spencer.

7th December - Elf on a tractor

Today, Alf is out about on a farm and to help him get around he’s on a tractor. This helps him keep up with the free-range farm animals who have more room to roam about. You can find out more about space allowances for animals on RSPCA Assured farms.

8th December - Alf and the hens

Dustbathing is an important natural behaviour for chickens (and elves it appears). You can find out more about why hens dustbathe and what RSPCA Assured standards insist upon.

9th December - Rolling around in the hay

Alf and Holly are on a farm again today, this time they’re playing in the straw. Hay and straw bales can be used as environmental enrichment items which are a requirement for laying hens, meat chickens, pigs, dairy cows, calves and turkeys on RSPCA Assured farms.

10th December - Alf in with the pigs

Today, Alf is keeping an eye on the pigs by hiding in the straw. Watch out, Alf. Looks like they’ve found you. You can find out more about pig welfare standards on RSPCA Assured farms here.

11th December - On the farm with Alf

Strawfully good to see you on the farm today, Alf. That one for all the dads out there. See what else Alf and Holly have been up to this Christmas.

12th December - Watching Welly Vision

That’s not quite what we meant when we said “Welly Vision”, Alf and Holly. Welly Vision is our new online series designed to give you a feet-on-the-ground look at life on RSPCA Assured farms.

13th December - Chicken tonight?

What for dinner tonight, Alf the Elf? RSPCA Assured chicken breasts. Excellent! RSPCA Assured is the only food assurance scheme dedicated solely to animal welfare. You can find out more about the RSPCA’s higher welfare standards.

14th December - Time to go shopping

Today, Holly the Elf has searched supermarkets across the UK for RSPCA Assured festive products. She's popped them all in a table, so you can choose higher welfare this year.

15th December - Very amoosing, Alf

Alf: Do you like my cow? I've got a whole flock of them at home.
Me: Herd?
Alf: What?
Me: Herd of cows
Alf: Of course, I have. I've got a whole flock of them at home *falls off the cow laughing*

16th December - That looks delicious, Erin

Meet Alf and Holly's cousin Erin, as you can see she prefers staying warm and cosy indoors to being out on the farm. And today, she's enjoying egg and soldiers, RSPCA Assured, of course.

17th December - Alf on a gate

Today, Alf is going to be helping one of our assessors carry out a farm assessment. Find out more about RSPCA Assured farm assessments

18th December - Holly's baking day

Today, Holly is mixing up a feast for Santa's reindeer. Just hope she cleans up after herself. Why not give the RSPCA's recipe a try at home with your little ones and whip up a treat for Rudolf?  

19th December - Masked Alf

It might be cold and dark outside but RSPCA Assured farmers and our assessors are out there looking after the animals anyway. And when Alf is lending a hand, he's always sure to wear his mask. 

20th December - Alf gets his hands dirty
Alf knows that tree planting works alongside productive farming. Find out more about why planting trees on farms is good for the farm, the animals and the environment.
21st December - Last day for posting

Just in case you'd forgotten, here's Alf the Elf to remind you that today is the last day for Christmas post in the UK. And if you have left it this late, you're going to have to pay for first class.

22nd December - Erin is keeping warm

The weather outside may be frightful but Erin the Elf is snug and warm indoors. Here she is giving a treat to Tiddles, the farm cat. Take a look at some tips from the RSPCA on how to keep your cats happy.

23rd December - Working hard or hardly working?

Today, Alf is out on his tractor helping to keep the farm clean and tidy. RSPCA welfare standards don't just focus on the animals, but their environment too. Good work, Alf. 

24th December - Alf and Holly are back in the office

Phew. Alf and Holly made it back to the office in time for Christmas Eve. They've had a busy month visiting RSPCA Assured farms and learning all about higher welfare farming. Well done, Alf and all the other elves. Merry Christmas to everyone from RSPCA Assured.

About the author

Jodie Adam

Jodie is RSPCA Assured's Digital Communications Manager. 

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