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International Hummus Day

When is hummus day?
International hummus day is on 13 May.

What can you do to celebrate International Hummus Day?
Hardly surprising, but the best way to celebrate International Hummus Day is by eating hummus. Whether you have hummus for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or maybe even all three), eat it, enjoy it and maybe even share a photo of you and your hummus with the hashtag #hummusday.

How do you make hummus from scratch?
Not only is hummus delicious it’s also extremely easy to make. Chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice and garlic are all you need to make this versatile and tasty dip. Blend it all together and serve. We’ve put together a quick and simple recipe so you can make your own hummus on International Hummus Day.

Do chickpeas need to be cooked for hummus?
If you are using chickpeas from a can then they are already cooked and you will just be able to drain them and blend them. Dried chickpeas will need to be soaked overnight and then cooked before you can use them for your homemade hummus.

How long does homemade hummus last?
Once you’ve made your delicious hummus, you should be able to keep it in the fridge for about four to seven days. You can also freeze your hummus by placing it in an air-tight container in the freezer.

Is it OK to eat hummus every day?
Like everything, eating in moderation is really the only healthy way to eat. While hummus is a healthy snack it does still contain calories around (around 166 in 100g), that’s not loads but it all adds up to your daily calorie intake.

How do you make hummus taste even better?
There are many ways to spice up your hummus or just add a little more flavour. You could try using black garlic, add a little chilli oil, or add some other herbs like coriander, cumin, mustard, sesame or nigella seeds. You can also use other beans to make your hummus, like cannellini beans, kidney beans, black beans, or even lentils if you like.

What should you listen to while eating your hummus on International Hummus Day?
While almost anything sounds good while you’re eating hummus, you might like to give Big Pot of Hummus by Tom Rosenthal a try.

Find out more about International Hummus Day
You can find out more about International Hummus Day on the official website or even follow them on Facebook. If you do try our hummus recipe, remember to share some pictures with the hashtag #hummusday.

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