What to do with your Christmas leftovers

What to do with your Christmas leftovers

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Dirty Plates

The presents have been unwrapped, the crackers have been cracked, and everyone is feeling thoroughly stuffed from Christmas dinner. 

But despite everyone's best efforts, there are almost always leftovers.

You might be thinking about giving some of these to your furry friends - but remember that not everything on the dinner table is safe for them to eat.


Tasty treats to share with pets:

  • Green beans, peas or carrots. Dogs are omnivorous and might enjoy a small handful of veggies in their food. Cats, less so! Rodents also like veggies, but prefer them uncooked so its best to set some raw veg (carrots, celery or green beans) aside before you cook your dinner.
  • Turkey (or other meat or fish). Make sure cats and dogs aren't given anything that is salted or marinated in garlic or onions (which they are allergic to) and don't give them any bones. 
  • Potatoes. Small amounts of unsalted potatoes can be a nice accompaniment to dogs' dinners, but avoid anything that is too salty, rich or fatty.

Nom-nom No-no's:

  • Stuffing. Most stuffing recipes include onions, garlic, nuts or dried fruit - all of which can make your pets very ill. 
  • Gravy. Most gravy is too high in salt for our furry buddies. If you want to make their dinner less dry you can add some unsalted meat broth. 
  • Anything that contains dried fruit, nuts, onion, garlic, chocolate or alcohol!
  • Cream or cheese. This might seem strange as we often think of cats lapping at saucers of cream - but cats are actually lactose intolerant. These things will make them sick! Most dogs enjoy cheese, but it should be given in moderation as a special treat.

And of course, there are plenty of ways to repurpose your leftovers into tasty meals that are slightly more exciting than Christmas dinner 2.0 in the days following the main event. 

The most obvious is the classic Christmas sandwich, which takes all the best bits of Christmas dinner and squeezes them between two slices of bread. But there are numerous ways to use up any leftovers, particularly turkey, that ventures beyond the traditional.

Check out some of our ideas, including curry, soup, burgers, risotto and more.

Our chicken soup recipe can be easily adapted to use up any leftover turkey and help reduce any unnecessary food waste this festive season.