Say it with chocolate! Try our Mother’s Day recipe

Say it with chocolate! Try our Mother’s Day recipe

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If you’re planning to spoil your mum with chocolate yumminess this Mother’s Day, our recipe for chocolate orange fondants could be the perfect choice!

Watch the video to find out what ingredients you’ll need and how to make this special but easy-to-make dessert.

By buying RSPCA Assured eggs you know the hens were cared for to RSPCA welfare standards and weren’t kept in cages.

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How to make a chocolate orange fondant



150g dark chocolate
125g butter
3 RSPCA Assured eggs
3 RSPCA Assured egg yolks
85g caster sugar, 50g flour
25g cocoa powder
Zest of one large orange


Mothering Sunday facts

  • Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter
  • Once observed as a day on which people would visit their ‘mother’ church, it has become an occasion for honouring mothers and giving gifts
  • The festival has also been known as Simnel Sunday. Simnel cakes were baked to celebrate the reuniting of families during Lent
  • The name Refreshment Sunday has also been used because there is traditionally a relaxation of vows made for Lent on this day
  • Another sweet treat made for Mothering Sunday were mothering buns. The buns were topped with pink or white icing and multicoloured sprinkles!