Magical unicorn milkshake with higher welfare milk

Magical unicorn milkshake with higher welfare milk

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Love mythical beasts, pastel rainbows, glitter and sparkles? Then our new unicorn milkshake recipe is definitely for you!

And best of all it’s made with RSPCA Assured milk, available at M&S!

By looking for the RSPCA Assured logo you know the dairy cows have been cared for to RSPCA welfare standards and have had better lives.

This is a basic recipe including milk, ice cream, pastel colours and sprinkles - but you can load your shake with as much glittery loveliness as you like to make the most of the unicorn theme.

Just watch the video (on the right) and find out how to make the unicorn milkshake of your dreams!

Look for the RSPCA Assured logo on your bottles of milk in M&S!


You'll need:

500ml RSPCA Assured whole milk (available in M&S)

1 litre ice cream, some whipped cream

Food colouring, sprinkles

Let your supermarket know you'd like to buy RSPCA Assured milk via our easy form!


Unicorn facts

  • The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large horn and cloven hooves
  • In medieval and Renaissance times, the tusk of the narhwal (an Arctic cetacean) was sometimes sold as unicorn horn
  • The horn itself and the substance it was made of was called alicorn, and it was believed that the horn holds magical and medicinal qualities
  • Golden coins known as the unicorn and half-unicorn - both with images of unicorns on them - were used in Scotland in the 15th and 16th century
  • One suggestion is that the unicorn is based on the extinct rhino species Elasmotherium which didn’t look like a horse but had a single horn on its forehead.