The rise of flexitarians and reducetarians

The rise of flexitarians and reducetarians

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Almost one in three evening meals now contain no meat or fish and more than a third of British consumers are reducing the amount of meat, fish, eggs or dairy they eat.

Celebrities, chefs, bloggers, social media and traditional media have all helped meat-free and dairy-free lifestyles become mainstream trends.

Health information, recipes and tips are widely available online, increasing awareness and helping make diets that include less meat achievable for the newly converted.

Food and farming trade publications confirm sales of read meat have fallen in recent years, and - further demonstrating the trend - supermarkets continue to add to their dairy and meat-free product ranges.

Not to be left behind, many restaurant chains are serving a wider range of dishes that don’t


include meat, fish, eggs or dairy!

You may also have seen the term ‘flexitarian’ mentioned in the media recently. This is someone who primarily eats plants, with the occasional inclusion of meat, eggs and dairy.

Research has shown that as many as 68% of the GB adult population are ‘flexitarian’.

Mentioned less frequently, but becoming more recognised are ‘reducetarians’. This term is used to describe someone who is mindfully and gradually reducing their consumption of animal products.

It doesn’t matter whether you think of yourself as reducetarian, flexitarian or any of the other terms that are batted around.

On the days you consume meat, fish, eggs or dairy (whether that’s once a week or every day of the week!) we’re asking people to eat better.


If you eat less, eat better you can make a difference for farm animals by choosing products with the RSPCA Assured label.

Get started by downloading the new RSPCA Assured two-week meal plan.

The recipes include a high welfare meat, fish or dairy option and also vegetarian recipes and those suitable for a vegan diet - so you can choose what’s right for you. 


What am I?

  • Vegans don’t eat any animal products at all
  • Vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish, but eat eggs and/or dairy
  • Pescetarians don’t eat meat but do eat fish and may eat eggs or dairy
  • Flexitarians will only very occasionally eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy products
  • Reducetarians are reducing the amount of meat, fish, eggs or dairy products they eat