Eat less, eat better

Eat less, eat better

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Eat less, eat better - for you, for the animals, for the environment

Every time you eat out in a restaurant or buy groceries you have the chance to make a difference. When you choose RSPCA Assured meat, fish, eggs and milk you’re helping to support farmers who are committed to providing higher welfare standards.

But that’s not all, by eating less lower welfare meat and going for the higher welfare option when you do eat meat, you will also be helping yourself and the environment.

Millions of people around the world are now adopting a Reducetarianism diet; not trying to cut out meat altogether but recognising that lower consumption of meat, fish and dairy brings health benefits, a cleaner world and, by incorporating higher welfare choices, a clearer conscience.


Looking for alternatives?

Our free-to-download meal planner contains two week's worth of inspiring kitchen creations to use with RSPCA Assured meat, fish and eggs. You’ll also find some interesting and delicious alternative recipes for when you’re trying to reduce your meat intake. These recipes can also be found on our website.  

We all have a choice. If you do choose to eat meat, make the higher welfare choice.

Download our free meal planner

Eat less, eat better

Whatever your reason for eating less, look for the RSPCA Assured logo and eat better meat, fish, eggs and milk when you do.

The Reducetarian Society

Find out more about the reducetarian movement and how to start reducing your meat and dairy consumption.

Meat-free Monday

Even reducing your meat consumption by just one day a week could have huge benefits for you and for the environment. 


RSPCA Assured TV advert

Have you seen our Eat less, Eat Better television advert yet? 

If you'd like to find out more about the advert and why we're encouraging people to eat less, eat better, check out the justification document!