Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

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Ready for our Easter egg hunt?


This year, we're going to be hiding Easter eggs somewhere on our site. Each day at 10 am from Monday, 15th up to and including Easter Friday, 19th April, there'll be an Easter egg hidden on a page of our website.

It could be on a farm animal welfare page, a recipe page, the lobby your supermarket page, the why not vegan or vegetarian page, or somewhere else. We're not giving any clues. You'll need to scour our site to find them - you might even find a  new recipe to try.

Once you've found the egg, show us where

When you've found the day's Easter egg, take a screenshot and send it to us as a message on Facebook. DON'T POST IT. 

At the end of the week, we will collect up all of the names of the entrants for each day and select one at random who will win a kids baking set. Perfect for making Easter cupcakes or even some hot cross buns

Remember to use RSPCA Assured eggs in your baking and make it a higher welfare Easter. 

Win a child's baking set on RSPCAAssured.org.uk this Easter

Hidden eggs

Once you've finished hunting for hidden eggs on our site, you could take a look around and see where else hidden eggs show up. While you may already make the effort to buy free-range, high welfare eggs from your supermarket. What many people don’t realise is that eggs from caged hens can pop up in many unexpected places.

You may never have realised it but eggs can appear in everything from cakes, cookies and ice cream, to pasta, pies, salad dressing and even wine. (Yes, really, the albumen is used as a fining agent to remove any floating yeast particles.)

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Terms & conditions

All screenshots must be sent to our Facebook account via messenger between 10:00 and 17:00 on the correct day. We will be giving away one kids' baking set each day to a randomly selected entrant who correctly identifies the location of the Easter egg on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (15 to 19 April inclusive). View our full Easter egg hunt terms & conditions here