Choose RSPCA Assured turkey this Christmas

Choose RSPCA Assured turkey this Christmas

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Christmas Turkey

You can make a difference for animals this festive season by choosing RSPCA Assured-labelled turkey for your Christmas lunch.

By looking for the RSPCA Assured logo you know the turkeys have been cared for to RSPCA welfare standards and have had better lives. Find out what makes RSPCA Assured turkey different on our turkey welfare page.

We’re encouraging people who choose to eat less meat, fish, eggs and dairy to eat better high welfare produce when they do.

What makes turkeys on RSPCA Assured farms 'higher welfare'?

  • More space to move around
  • Natural light
  • Natural cover on the range
  • More enrichment items including perches
  • More frequent checks

You’ll find RSPCA Assured turkey at:

How to roast a turkey


Check out the video above for an easy and delicious roast turkey recipe. 

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