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Back to School

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Every mealtime, you have the choice to support higher welfare farms and choose RSPCA Assured. And with the kids back at school, you can make sure your sandwich fillings are higher welfare.

Back to school means back to packed lunches. And by choosing RSPCA Assured sandwich fillers like ham and chicken slices, you can make the higher welfare choice and make a difference every day.  

From John (the Earl of Sandwich) Montagu’s quick and easy lunch in 1762 to the modern 

snack of convenience, sandwiches are the stable of every school lunchbox. When it comes to choosing a filling for your kids’ sandwiches ham is always a popular choice. You can find RSPCA Assured ham at a wide range of supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Aldi and Lidl. You can find the store closest to you with our handy where to buy shopping map.

If you’re looking for something a little different you could also try Sainsbury's cooked chicken butter roast slices or Sainsbury's roast chicken stuffing topped slices​.

Make your sandwich a cut above

Different bread: The secret to a good sandwich lies in your bread choice. Why not try something different like wholemeal or rye bread?

Wrap it up: You could also use tortilla wraps

Squares or triangles?

It’s the great debate that has raged in the world of sandwich since the invention of sliced bread and finally thanks to a poll by UK Gov we have an answer. 60% of Brits prefer their sandwiches cut into rectangles compared to just 28% who prefer the fancier triangle cut. Let us know your favourite on our Facebook Poll.

instead of bread to give your sandwich a new twist. 

Add some fruit: If you're making cheese sandwiches, try a few thin slices of apple or pear to give a fruity zing. 

A few basil leaves: Try adding a few fresh basil 

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leaves along with the tomatoes in your sandwich for the continental taste.

Cut the mustard: Of course, if you’re making ham sandwich please don’t forget the mustard. 

Favourite filling?

So what is the nation’s favourite sandwich filler? Well according to the UK Gov poll, 36% of Brits choose cheese between their bread, ham came in at 16 %, while chicken was at 11%. Bizarrely, the second-place favourite sandwich filler was mayonnaise at 20%. It takes all sorts! If you are in that 20%, just be sure to use mayonnaise made with free-range eggs.

UK Gov sandwich poll

Meat-free sandwich filler: Hummus makes a great sandwich filler and if you’re worried about that after lunch garlic breath, you can also get garlic-free hummus. 

Eggs: Hard boiled RSPCA Assured eggs make a great way to fill your kids sandwich and keep them full up at school. 

Finish up the leftover: Sandwiches are a great way to use up those leftovers if you’ve had an RSPCA Assured chicken for Sunday roast. 

Bacon: It’s not only for breakfast. Cooked RSPCA Assured bacon makes a delicious BLT for lunch as well.